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공동 창립자




McMaster University, BHSc '20 - University of Toronto, MD '24


Hi! I’m Jae, and I’m the co-founder of KCMMI. We started this organization with the aim of making information and mentorship more accessible for immigrant families, who often lack such resources. During my free time, I enjoy working out, playing/watching soccer, and reading on my Kobo. Looking forward to connecting with more students from the Korean-Canadian community through our many events this year!




McMaster University, BHSc '20 - University of Toronto, MD '24


Hello! My name is Jason and I am the co-founder of KCMMI. Applying to medical school in the Canadian system has multiple steps and components  to consider, compared to medical school admission in Korea. Our aim is to provide digestible information to Korean-Canadian students and families interested in learning more about the Canadian medical school system. In my free time, I enjoy sports and exercise with friends, reading and listening to music. Happy to connect and please feel free to reach out!





McMaster University, BHSc '22 - University of Toronto, MD '26


Hi, my name is Hannah. One of the hardest parts of applying to medical school for me was knowing where to start, especially when it seemed like everyone around me was already acquainted with the system via family or community connections. Now, I’m working to give young Korean-Canadian students those same advantages. Fun fact: my first interaction with KCMMI was as a pre-med attending one of their online seminars in 2021. I had to be coerced into doing it and almost didn’t go - but I’m glad I did! Ask me anytime about linguistics, movies, hip-hop dance, logic puzzles, or musicals.




McMaster University, BHSc '24


Hello! My name is Savas, and I joined KCMMI to make a purposeful, visible contribution to the Korean-Canadian community. Being an international student who shares the same passion, I understand how difficult it could be for Korean-Canadian students to conquer the tough path to medicine, so I look forward to interacting with many of those students and exchanging support with them as an executive member of KCMMI! During my free time, I enjoy singing (I’m part of the school’s competitive a cappella group!) and making a latte :)




Queen's University, BHSc '25


Hi everyone, my name is Andy and in my spare time, I like to draw, play the piano, and embark on rarely-successful culinary endeavours! In reflection of the support I have received so far, I wish to return the same benevolence and love to the Korean-Canadian community, taking part as an executive member in KCMMI to provide accessible and quality information to aspiring Korean healthcare professionals here in Canada - like myself!

재정 자문인




CIBC Business Advisor


Previously worked at: TD Waterhouse,  Scotiabank Small Business, RBC Auto Finance


Thai Express, Country style, 의료 클리닉 등 다수 신규 사업 셋업 대출


Thai Express, Country Side, Sushi Shops, health Clinics, etc


한인들의 성공적인 캐나다 이민 정착을 위한 길잡이 

Help make your ambition a reality !

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